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Tubal Sterilization (Tubal Ligation) –

Tubal sterilization (tubal ligation) is a surgical technique of contraception. It’s generally known as “getting your tubes tied.” The surgical procedure prevents an individual from getting pregnant by closing off their fallopian tubes. These tubes carry an egg from the ovary to the uterus every month. Sperm swim up the fallopian tubes to hitch with the egg, leading to being pregnant. When the tubes are closed, the egg and sperm can’t attain one another.

Tubal sterilization is a everlasting type of contraception. It is likely one of the best choices for stopping being pregnant. It’s potential to reverse it, however it’s troublesome and never all the time profitable. It doesn’t shield in opposition to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

You don’t want your companion’s consent to have a tubal sterilization. However speaking concerning the process beforehand is finest for many relationships.

Path to improved well being

Tubal sterilization is carried out in a hospital or an outpatient surgical procedure middle. The process will be executed on an outpatient foundation at any time. Postpartum sterilization can happen proper after an individual offers beginning, if it was a cesarean supply (C-section). It will also be carried out inside hours or days of a vaginal supply.

You’ll obtain anesthesia earlier than the process is completed. You gained’t really feel something. Through the process, your physician will probably make 1 or 2 incisions (cuts) in your stomach. They are going to insert particular devices into the incisions. Utilizing the devices, they’ll seal off the fallopian tubes by blocking them with plastic clips, clamps, or rings. They could take away or destroy a small piece of every tube.

After the process, your physician will shut your incisions. You need to be capable of go house in just a few hours. If the process follows childbirth, you shouldn’t should spend any additional time within the hospital.

After the process

You could have some signs after the process, together with:

  • Stomach ache, cramping
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Discomfort at incision web site(s)
  • Shoulder ache (this is because of a fuel that’s pumped into your stomach to assist separate your organs and provides docs room to carry out the surgical procedure)

As with every surgical process, issues can generally happen. Contact your physician instantly in the event you:

  • Develop a fever
  • Bleed from an incision
  • Have extreme abdomen ache that gained’t cease
  • Have fainting spells

Restoration after tubal sterilization is normally full in a few days. You might need to take it simple for every week or so. Keep away from heavy lifting for 1 week.

You’ll nonetheless have a interval after your tubes are tied. Some short-term types of contraception, such because the tablet, assist irregular menstrual cycles. Sterilization doesn’t impression your menstrual cycle. In the event you had irregular intervals earlier than utilizing any kind of contraception, you’ll probably have irregular intervals once more after sterilization.

Ask your physician how lengthy you must wait after the process earlier than having intercourse. Don’t have intercourse till you’re feeling snug. You normally want to attend a couple of week after surgical procedure. You’ll have to attend at the least 4 weeks if sterilization is completed shortly after childbirth.

Issues to think about

Tubal sterilization is a everlasting type of contraception. In the event you assume you would possibly need to reverse the process sometime, you shouldn’t have it executed. Reversal is feasible, however it’s an advanced, main surgical procedure. Even a profitable reversal doesn’t assure that you would be able to get pregnant once more. In the event you do get pregnant, you have got an elevated threat of problems, reminiscent of ectopic being pregnant. Plus, the surgical procedure is pricey and is normally not lined by medical insurance.

Keep in mind that sterilization gained’t shield you in opposition to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). All the time use a condom throughout sexual exercise to stop STIs.

Some individuals fear that sterilization will change them, however it doesn’t. It gained’t make you much less female. It doesn’t trigger weight acquire or the expansion of facial hair. It gained’t lower your sexual pleasure or trigger menopause to begin.

Speak to your physician anytime you’re eager about a brand new type of contraception, particularly a everlasting one. You’ve many decisions. Be sure that it’s your best option for you.

Inquiries to ask your physician

  • Does everlasting contraception provide your best option for me?
  • Are there different types of everlasting contraception?
  • What if I need to reverse the process in a while?
  • When is the most effective time for me to have the process executed?
  • What are the dangers concerned with the process?
  • May I get pregnant after having a tubal sterilization?
  • Does the process improve the chance of ovarian most cancers?


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This info supplies a normal overview and should not apply to everybody. Speak to your loved ones physician to search out out if this info applies to you and to get extra info on this topic.



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