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A Information to French Delicacies & Meals Vocabulary in French

From the morning croissants to a three-course meal accompanied by wine, there are tons of meals to attempt in France.

Consuming effectively in France is essential and meals is a giant a part of the tradition. In case you’re a foodie like most of the French are, bettering your language abilities by studying some meals vocabulary is a superb concept.

So let’s study concerning the French meals tradition and the most typical dishes in France.

“Meals” in French and Meals in France

Do you know that the common French individual spends two hours and 13 minutes of their day consuming?

This makes France a world chief in consuming: it’s the nation the place individuals spend the longest time on the desk.

La delicacies (“delicacies” or “meals”) is such an necessary a part of French tradition! Let’s have a more in-depth have a look at what les repas (“meals”) seem like while you exit in France.

If you wish to have a typical French breakfast, it is advisable go to a bakery (boulangerie). For breakfast, it’s widespread to eat pastries reminiscent of croissants and ache au chocolat, or some recent baguette bread to unfold jam over it.

Le déjeuner (“lunch”) in France is normally mild. In case you go to France, you will discover many native eating places that serve a standard plat du jour (“dish of the day”) or menu du jour (“menu of the day”) for lunch.

Prime tip: Make sure that to examine the opening instances. These locations are sometimes open from 12 pm to 2 pm, closed for the afternoon, and open once more for time for supper, which is normally round 7 pm.

French dîner (“dinners”) might be preceded by un apéro, which is brief for apéritif. That is the time when individuals take the time to speak, spend high quality time with one another, and have a cocktail and a few snacks.

Then comes l’entrée (“the starter”) and le plat (“the primary dish”). There might or might not be dessert (“dessert”), however there’s nearly at all times fromage (“cheese”) to eat after the primary dish.

In case you’re curious to know what French major dishes might be like, stick round till the top! I’ve ready an entire bonus part for you on typical French dishes.

For now, let’s begin with the essential vocabulary you’ll need to speak about meals in France.

Important French Meals Vocabulary

Listed here are some French food and drinks vocabulary lists for the totally different meals of the day.

Additionally, you will study some sentences that you should use to order meals to eat sur place (on the restaurant) or à emporter (“to remove”).

Prime tip: Write the phrases you’ll need probably the most in your personalised phrasebook!

Breakfast Meals in French

  • Breakfast: petit-déjeuner
  • Bread: ache
  • Toast: ache grillé
  • Jam: confiture
  • Honey: miel
  • Ham: jambon
  • Butter: beurre
  • Eggs: oeufs
  • Céréale: cereal
  • Croissant: croissant
  • Sucre: sugar

Lunch and Dinner Meals in French

  • Lunch: déjeuner
  • Dinner: dîner
  • Meals: nourriture
  • Soup: soupe
  • Salad: salade
  • Pasta: pâtes
  • French fries: frites
  • Mashed potatoes: purée
  • Greens: légumes
  • Potato: pomme de terre or patate (casual)
  • Tomato: tomate
  • Bell pepper: poivron
  • Onion: oignon
  • Mushroom: champignon
  • Carrot: carotte
  • Courgette: courgette
  • Aubergine: aubergine
  • Rice: riz
  • Bean: haricot
  • Salt: sel
  • Spices: épices
  • Pepper: poivre
  • Lemon: citron
  • Olive oil: huile d’olive
  • Vinegar: vinaigre
  • Sauce/dressing: sauce
  • Meat: viande
  • Minced meat: viande hachée
  • Beef: boeuf
  • Pork: porc
  • Hen: poulet
  • Fish: poisson
  • Duck: canard
  • Starter: entrée
  • Important dish: plat
  • Dessert: dessert
  • Dish of the day: plat du jour

French Snacks and Dessert Vocabulary

  • Snack: goûter
  • Cheese: fromage
  • Delicatessen: charcuterie
  • Cake: gâteau
  • Pie: tarte
  • Crisps: chips
  • Cookie: biscuit
  • Fruit: fruit
  • Apple: pomme
  • Pear: poire
  • Cherry: cerise
  • Banana: banane
  • Strawberry: fraise
  • Blueberry: myrtille
  • Orange: orange
  • Ice cream: glace
  • Chocolate: chocolat
  • Vanilla: vanille
  • Sweet: bonbon

French Drinks Vocabulary

  • Drinks: boissons
  • Water: eau
  • Juice: jus
  • Espresso: café
  • Tea: thé
  • Milk: lait
  • Wine: vin
  • Beer: bière

French Kitchen Vocabulary

  • Kitchen: delicacies
  • Desk: desk
  • Chair: chaise
  • Plate: assiette
  • Bowl: bol
  • Glass: verre
  • Wine glass: verre à vin
  • Cup: tasse
  • Fork: fourchette
  • Spoon: cuillère
  • Teaspoon: cuillère à thé
  • Frying pan: poêle
  • Saucepan: casserole
  • Knife: couteau
  • Bottle: bouteille
  • Oven: 4
  • Fridge: réfrigérateur or frigo
  • Microwave: micro-ondes
  • Kettle: bouilloire

French Consuming and Cooking Verbs

  • Eat: manger
  • Drink: boire
  • Cook dinner: cuisiner
  • Take: prendre
  • Need: vouloir
  • Put together: préparer
  • Add: ajouter
  • Bake: faire cuire au 4
  • Boil: bouillir
  • Fry: frire
  • Reduce: couper
  • Combine: mélanger
  • Order: commander
  • Style: goûter
  • Select: choisir
  • Pay: payer

Ordering Meals in French: Sentence Templates and Helpful Vocabulary

  • Restaurant: restaurant
  • Brewery: brasserie
  • Wine bar: bar à vin
  • Waiter: serveur
  • Waitress: serveuse
  • I’ve a reservation for 2 individuals.: J’ai une réservation pour deux personnes.
  • I would really like…: je voudrais
  • What is going to you’ve gotten?: Que prenez-vous?
  • I’ll have…: je vais prendre…
  • What do you advocate?: Que recommandez-vous?
  • I’m allergic to…: je suis allergique à…
  • I don’t eat…: je ne mange pas…
  • I don’t drink…: je ne bois pas…
  • Have you ever chosen?: Avez-vous choisi?
  • I’ve chosen.: J’ai choisi.
  • Have you ever determined?: Avez-vous décidé?
  • I’ve determined.: J’ai décidé.
  • Do you’ve gotten a vegetarian possibility?: Avez-vous une possibility végétarienne?
  • Can I’ve the invoice?: Est-ce que je peux avoir l’addition?
  • Can I pay by card?: Est-ce que je peux payer par carte?
  • Can I pay by money?: Est-ce que je peux payer en liquide?
  • Uncommon/medium-rare/well-done (for steaks): saignant/à level/bien cuit
  • Did you get pleasure from your meal?: Ça a été?
  • Thanks, it was scrumptious.: Merci, c’était délicieux.
  • Please (casual): s’il te plaît
  • Please (formal): s’il vous plaît
  • Take away: à emporter
  • Outdoors: l’extérieur
  • Inside: l’intérieur
  • With: avec
  • With out: sans
  • Cheers!: Santé!
  • That’s all: c’est tout
  • Tip: pourboire

13 Most Widespread Dishes in France

As promised, right here is the bonus part the place you possibly can uncover some scrumptious (and generally stunning) French dishes!

France is a big nation and the tradition within the south and the north shouldn’t be the identical. What we name French delicacies is definitely an umbrella time period for the totally different meals in all 22 areas of the nation.

Listed here are among the most typical meals from totally different areas of France:

1. Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf bourguignon interprets as “Burgundy beef” in English because it comes from the Burgundy area of France. This area is thought for its purple wine, and naturally, wine in France shouldn’t be just for ingesting: it’s additionally for cooking!

Making ready boeuf bourguignon includes simmering beef shank in purple wine for hours. The recipe additionally consists of carrots, onions, and mushrooms.

2. Quiche Lorraine

A standard savory tart, la quiche Lorraine is ready with cream, eggs, and bacon or ham.

There are different kinds of quiches, and you may get artistic whereas selecting the elements. For instance, salmon or spinach are common elements for a quiche. They only wouldn’t be the standard quiche Lorraine.

3. Ratatouille

This title may remind you of a cooking rat however ratatouille is definitely a vegetable dish from the south of France.

The recipe incorporates stewed greens reminiscent of des tomates (“tomatoes”), de l’ail (“garlic”), des oignons (“onions”), des courgettes (“courgettes”), des aubergines (“eggplants”), des poivrons (“bell peppers”), and des herbes de Provence (“inexperienced herbs from the Provence area”).

It’s a scrumptious Mediterranean dish that’s appropriate for vegetarians as effectively!

4. Soupe à l’Oignon

Arguably one of the crucial iconic soups of the world, la soupe à l’oignon, (“onion soup”) shouldn’t be a fast dish to make. If you wish to put together it, get able to slice and caramelise the onions, allow them to simmer in wine, toast some bread slices, and high the soup up with some parmesan cheese.

5. Galettes and Crêpes

In case you go to Brittany, the westernmost area of France, you must attempt the standard galettes and crêpes, skinny pancakes that may be candy or savoury.

Galettes are savoury ones, and crêpes are candy ones, and it’s attainable to search out many alternative flavours for each of them.

6. Fromages Français

Brie, camembert, roquefort… France has a whole bunch of various kinds of cheese!

In France, individuals devour cheese after the primary meal, earlier than dessert, as a snack, or throughout l’apéro — principally, at any time. Good cheese is commonly paired with good wine, and you can also make limitless cheese and wine mixtures within the nation of wine and cheese.

Whereas it’s widespread to eat cheese by itself or on high of a baguette, it is usually the star ingredient of some iconic dishes, reminiscent of tartiflette which has cheese, bacon, and potatoes; fondue which includes dipping meals in melted cheese; and raclette, the place you set melted cheese on boiled potatoes and dried meat.

These are all typical winter dishes in Alpine international locations, particularly France and Switzerland.

7. Cassoulet

Right here’s one other stew from the south of France, this time with slow-cooked meat—normally pork—and beans. It takes its title from the standard cooking pot it’s made in, the cassole d’Issel.

Cassoulet will help you bear in mind the French phrase for this cooking pot, which is casserole.

8. Viennoiseries

Though the title means “from Vienna,” viennoiseries might be present in each bakery in France. The most typical ones are le croissant, le ache au chocolat, le chausson aux pommes, le ache suisse, le ache aux raisins and la brioche.

You may get some at a bakery or a restaurant, normally for breakfast or a snack.

9. La Bouillabaisse

Initially made by fishers in Marseille, la bouillabaisse is a fish stew served in a bowl with a particular mayonnaise sauce, and bread. Its unique title is bolhabaissa in Occitan spoken within the south of France, and a few elements of Spain and Italy.

10. Confit de Canard

One other basic French dish, le confit de canard interprets as “duck confit” in English. Like many different French dishes, le confit de canard is slow-cooked, to ensure that the meat is smooth and tender.

11. Hachis Parmentier

You may have mashed potatoes and minced meat in the identical dish, and that dish is named hachis parmentier.

It’s named after AntoineAntoine-Augustin Parmentier, a French scientist who popularised potato within the French delicacies greater than 2 hundred years in the past.

12. Gratins Dauphinois

You’ll discover this nice potato dish within the Dauphiné area of France.

Courting again to the 18th century, le gratin dauphinois consists of creamy potatoes, made utilizing the gratin approach. Gratin signifies that a dish is topped up with cheese or bread crumbs earlier than being put within the oven.

The French language actually has a phrase for the whole lot, doesn’t it? Though gratin won’t be your on a regular basis phrase in French, be certain that to begin talking as a lot as attainable so that you simply’ll apply your vocabulary.

13. Escargot

You’ve most likely heard that they eat snails in France. Properly, it’s true!

Les escargots, which is the French phrase for “snails,” might be discovered in lots of French eating places. They’re normally ready with garlic, butter, and spices reminiscent of thyme and parsley.

Able to Order?

Now it’s time to go to a French-speaking nation or restaurant and take a look at out all of your meals vocabulary!

In case you’re going to France, we advocate you attempt one—if not all—of those iconic specialties.

Whether or not you’ve gotten a candy tooth, observe a vegetarian food regimen, or get pleasure from consuming meat, there’s one thing for you!

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