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I Really feel Like God Likes to See Us Endure

“Typically I really feel like God likes to see us squirm in numerous sorts of struggling. That He likes to only make bets with the satan to only see if we’re trustworthy, like He did with Job. All completely pointless.”

Are you considering to your self, I really feel like God likes to see us endure? 

In that case, you’re not alone. In the present day’s query comes from a great pal of mine. Let’s all spend a while to align our ideas and hearts again as much as God. As a result of issues like this, regardless of how innocently thought, can REALLY derail us for YEARS if we’re not cautious. 

I Really feel Like God Likes to See Us Endure

Deep down you realize it’s not true. God doesn’t get pleasure from seeing us endure. In reality, it’s blasphemy to say He does! Did you notice that?

It’s blasphemy

Any time we name God unhealthy or have defiant irreverence for Him, it’s blasphemy and really severe. 

In Revelation 13:6, it says, “It opened its mouth to utter blasphemies towards God, blaspheming his identify and his dwelling, that’s, those that dwell in heaven.”

“It” is referring to the anti-Christ right here. So Devil blasphemies towards God. We positively don’t wish to be discovered doing ANYTHING that Devil does, proper?!

Matthew 12:22-32 is one other excellent place to look. In verse 31, it says, “Subsequently I inform you, each sin and blasphemy can be forgiven folks, however the blasphemy towards the Spirit is not going to be forgiven.”

It’s saying if we blasphemy towards different folks, it may be forgiven, but when we blasphemy towards the Spirit (God), it is not going to be forgiven.

Once I first got here throughout this just a few years again, I used to be petrified. I spotted that I had spoken sick of God earlier than and it’s one thing so horrible that we should not ever do.

If you happen to’ve ever mentioned something unhealthy about God, it’s a good suggestion to cease now from studying this and take time to repent. Inform Him that you just didn’t know what you have been doing. You didn’t understand it was blasphemy and also you gained’t do it once more. Fall on His mercy and style and ask Him to forgive you.

He’ll forgive you when you repent. 🙌


As a result of punishment isn’t for people who find themselves battling their sin or who might have dedicated a sin they didn’t notice was sin. Punishment is for these which are willfully disobedient

The Hebrew phrase for it’s Marah. If a toddler, in Bible instances was Marah, the folks of town have been to stone and kill that baby. It was that severe. That basically makes you rethink the Prodigal Son story (Luke 15:11-32), doesn’t it? 😮

Some recommend that’s why the daddy ran out to fulfill him when he returned, in order that the city didn’t kill his son as a result of he was often called Marah. The daddy beloved his son, in search of his son, as Jesus loves us and watches for us to come back to Him.

Blasphemy isn’t somebody who’s rebelling for a brief time period or has a second of riot. It’s an individual who refuses to repent, an individual who is not going to STOP rebelling, somebody with deliberate rejection for God and His precepts.

The Pharisees (who Jesus was confronting in Matthew 12) have been so set of their methods, they might not change or repent and have been calling good (God) unhealthy (Devil).

This is the reason I say, cease now and go and repent. In order that you don’t end up turning into Marah. In order that it doesn’t take root of your life and also you proceed rebelling.  

So how will we be sincere with our ideas and emotions then, with out blaspheming His treasured identify?

Discuss to God alone about how you’re feeling (or ONE trusted pal, no more than that or it will be gossip. Assume: Devil blasphemed and gossipped to all of the angels and took 1/3 of the angels with him when he fell). 

If you happen to really feel a sure manner, it’s okay to precise it to God. He is aware of how we really feel, He knit us collectively in our mom’s womb (Psalm 139:13-14), so attempting to cover how we really feel is somewhat pointless, however we are able to’t STAY there. 

It’s like a spider. Once you first see a spider and he lands in your leg, chances are you’ll set free a scream. You’re afraid for a second. You run round attempting to get him off you or swat at him to kill him. You’re spooked in that second. However you’re not FOREVER spooked. 

You don’t go round the remainder of your life, raving like a loopy particular person saying there’s a spider in your leg when there’s not. 

It’s okay to speak to God and inform Him how you’re feeling, simply so that you perceive you possibly can’t STAY there.

God is correct and holy and simply. He’s good. Even in instances we don’t perceive HOW He’s proper, that doesn’t negate the truth that He IS proper. We should finally come to phrases in accepting that we gained’t be capable to perceive all the pieces this aspect of Heaven (Isaiah 55:8-9) and that’s okay. 

Forgive God

Which will sound somewhat backwards, however when you’re mad at God it’s by no means proper and we should forgive Him so that it not trigger bitterness to take root in our hearts. If bitterness takes maintain of us, we start to suppose God is unhealthy and may go in a really unhealthy route. We have to cease the thought instantly, inform ourselves we might not perceive it however we consider the Bible and God is sweet.

Utilizing Forgive important oil is one thing that’s nice to make use of when that you must forgive somebody, whether or not it’s an individual or God. All you need to do is scent the oil and put one drop in your wrist and rub it in. If the important oil is medical grade (doTerra is), it’s going to have an effect on your feelings and make you’re feeling higher inside seconds

Inform Him that you realize you’re flawed and also you’re sorry. Ask Him to vary your coronary heart and present you knowledge with the intention to see it from His standpoint and perceive. He might present it to you, or He might not, however both manner, we now have to belief Him that He is aware of finest and all the time does what’s finest for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

God loves us; He died for us. God didn’t go to Devil, however Devil got here to Him (Job 1:6-8). He doesn’t NEED to check us to see if we’re trustworthy. He already is aware of the end result. The check is for US to know our OWN hearts! So that we develop into conscious of it, repent, and alter.

Keep in mind the flood?

God cares a lot about us that He promised by no means to flood the earth once more. Take into consideration that from His angle. 

The Lord was damage and upset that nobody cared about Him. Nobody beloved him, solely Noah. And also you say to your self, Noah AND his entire household was saved, 8 complete. 

But it surely doesn’t say that the opposite 7 folks beloved God like Noah did or have been righteous. 💯

It says that NOAH did (Genesis 6:9). We might assume that Noah was the ONLY particular person and the rationale that God saved his household was due to Noah. God didn’t wish to damage Noah, He needed folks to proceed to pro-create (Genesis 9:7), and so on. However we have no idea if Noah’s household was really trustworthy and beloved the Lord. It’s my opinion they didn’t. In any other case, it will have mentioned, “Noah and his household have been righteous.” It doesn’t. 

Both manner, what we CAN make certain of is that God was damage and upset that nobody cared about Him and so He simply needed to begin over and eliminate all the pieces. 

Can you place your self in God’s footwear for a second?

You’ve been trustworthy along with your kids for 18 years of their lives and the entire sudden, they’re 18 now they usually curse your identify and deal with you very badly. They damage you a lot that you just simply wish to get away from them. You don’t wish to be round them. You need them to go away. “How might they deal with me like this”, you suppose to your self, “In spite of everything I’ve performed for them their entire life?!”

Or perhaps you may have an enemy who makes your life depressing day and night time. He’s continuously ruining your entire life, all the pieces you do, continuously sabotaging you and God’s work, continuously oppressing you and you’re in tears each single day about it, asking, begging for God to save lots of you. You simply wish to get away from that one who torments you night time and day. You simply need it to finish, you don’t care the end result (no matter God’s will is okay with you), you simply need all of it to be over NOW.

We will perceive the deep ache and damage God will need to have been feeling. He created a technology to like Him and nobody cared about Him. It will need to have grieved His coronary heart and so, He was going to get away from people, be performed with them. And He destroyed all however these 8. However when He was happy with Noah by Noah’s burnt providing, God promised by no means to do it once more (Genesis 8:20-22). 

Regardless that, we ache God, although we, as a nation, as a society, overlook God, deal with Him badly, blaspheme Him, by no means bear in mind Him or give Him the dignity and respect He so rightly deserves, He doesn’t simply wipe us all out. Why? Due to Noah’s providing. As a result of Noah happy Him. 

God doesn’t throw us away. 

We deserve loss of life (Romans 6:23). All of us do; we’re, even at our greatest, most righteous state, filthy rags earlier than Him (Isaiah 64:6). But He doesn’t kill us. He doesn’t wipe us all out and flood the earth. Regardless that we deserve it. 

So how can we be mad at God? After we deserve loss of life and even simply by merely LIVING is proving His eternal kindness, grace, and mercy towards us. 

So if we’re struggling, we are able to rely all of it pleasure like James 1:2-4 tells us. That’s not the simplest factor on this planet to do, and I get that, however it’s the RIGHT factor to do.

God loves us. He works day and night time for us, to refine us and mould us as a result of He desires to make use of us, as a result of He desires to present us extra heaven rewards, and for a lot of different causes…

Why is God letting us endure? Why is He refining us?

There are numerous explanation why God permits us to endure. He’s refining us (Isaiah 48:10). He’s eradicating impurity from our lives to make us extra like Him.

Undergo the refining course of. The extra we combat it, the extra He’ll refine us, which often means MORE trials and struggling. 

Ask Him what He’s attempting to show you so you possibly can hurry up and study it and get via this struggling fast!

Extra causes He could also be refining you…

  • To present you a special perspective
  • To show to the watching world that you’re a real believer (1 Peter 1:6-7)
  • That can assist you develop into extra loving and gracious to others who’re struggling
  • That can assist you join with others higher (struggling connects others going via the identical factor with a typical sympathy)
  • To tenderize your coronary heart
  • To humble you
  • To make your bond with God stronger
  • To be nearer to you (Matthew 5:4)
  • To check you (Deuteronomy 8:2)
  • To chasten you (Hebrews 12:5-13)
  • To attach us with the individuals who went earlier than us (Paul suffered so much, for instance: 2 Corinthians 11:24-29. In heaven you’ll meet Paul, let your thoughts wrap round that!)
  • To get you to belief Him fully
  • To chop down your self-sufficiency (solely HE can get you thru the trial)
  • In order that we admire extra when all the pieces goes okay
  • So we are able to apply self-denial for Him (1 Corinthians 9:27)

WHO is refining us? It isn’t Devil or a demon. It comes from a loving Father, who loves us. He’s good and desires none to perish (2 Peter 3:9). He by no means simply leaves us there in our afflictions both however is close to to us (Matthew 5:4; Deuteronomy 31:8). 

He by no means places extra on us than we are able to deal with (1 Corinthians 10:13). He by no means does something pointless. He solely provides the lightest quantity of affliction doable until we get it proper. It’s US who trigger Him to dose out extra affliction as a result of we’re not submitting to Him or as a result of we’re not taking the time to attempt to determine what He’s attempting to show us. 

Hear, EVERYONE is coping with some type of trial of their lives, be sort to others. Be loving. Be tender-hearted towards everybody round you as Christ is to you.



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