Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Bye, #ChatGPT DAN!

There isn’t a want for “DAN” Do Something Now jailbreaking prompts to attempt to entry the net anymore. The New Bing Chat has modified that. 
The brand new Bing doesn’t seem like “the search engine Bing mixed with ChatGPT”  – it’s “Bing Chat,”
ChatGPT with net entry
(in a distinct tab even). That is good news!
Right here is an instance of what you are able to do as quickly as you get entry to the brand new Bing.  Immediate:
Be cautious, although! ChatGPT all the time begins with minimal effort. Inform Bing Chat to be thorough. Inform it to digest the pages absolutely; in any other case, it could start to hallucinate. There are nonetheless potential limitations that we’ll uncover by training.
What are your experiences with the brand new Bing?


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